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Romans, though you’re guiltless, you’ll still expiate
your fathers’ sins, till you’ve restored the temples,
and the tumbling shrines of all the gods,
and their images, soiled with black smoke.
~Horace, Odes, III, 6; A. S. Kline trans.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Survey of recent developments

M. Moravius Piscinus, Pontifex Maximus of Nova Roma, surveys developments over the last few years and talks about the future of the cultus deorum. This blog is independent of Nova Roma, and it is focused on the sacra privata, whereas Nova Roma has as its main focus the sacra publica. Still, M. Moravius has been a leading figure in the cultus deorum for quite some time, so it is worth reading what he has to say. This is an excerpt:

Ad Futura: The Ancient Religion of Rome in Modern Life

Conventus Dacia MMDCCLXI, Baiae Herculane, Romania, August 24, 2010

August 2008 was the first occasion when two Consuls of Nova Roma from different continents, one from North America and one from Europe, met one another while in office. It was also the first year when Pontifices from different countries held a conference and celebrated rituals together. This event came after the Consuls and Pontifices M. Horatius and T. Sabinus had for the first time in Nova Roma's history invited other organizations of the Religio Romana in joint religious celebrations.
But not all celebrations that year were happy occasions.
In May 2008 Nova Roma saw its first member to die while involved in a war. C. Popillius Strabo died in Iraq while serving in the U.S. Army. He received a military funeral in his hometown. At the request of his widow, his funeral recognized him as a cultor Deorum Romani and member of Nova Roma. Pont. Max. Horatius conducted additional ceremonies, inviting the genius of C. Popillius to return to his home, and called upon the sacred Lares to guide him on to the Blessed Isles.
Eastern Europe has become an exciting region for the Religio Romana....

Read the entire article here.

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