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Romans, though you’re guiltless, you’ll still expiate
your fathers’ sins, till you’ve restored the temples,
and the tumbling shrines of all the gods,
and their images, soiled with black smoke.
~Horace, Odes, III, 6; A. S. Kline trans.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Who we are and why you are welcome

There are questions floating around these days, as one of the Roman-related groups that we know carries out a kind of "cleansing", and so I want to make a couple things clear.

This is my personal blog. Even though I occasionally ask some of my friends to contribute here, I am responsible for the content. My purpose is to report on activities of followers of the Cultus Deorum, for followers of the Cultus Deorum. It is a kind of cultural newsletter. I'm happy to say that there is a lot to report.

I also want to share some information with the community. I started with a few pages here, but that rapidly grew in size and popularity, so the website was created. There is a lot of information there, and although it is still a "work in progress" it is already a valuable resource, I think.

An important goal is to explain the Cultus Deorum clearly to people who are new to it and who want to know what it is about and how to get started. Thank you to everyone who has sent positive feedback on this part of the site!

The community that I report on and that I address is the Roman pagan community that is in substantial agreement with the "Basic Principles" at the bottom of the  page. That is pretty easy, and I'm pretty easygoing about it. I am eager to report events that are in planning, and to help that I created the Meetup site that the map above connects to. You are all encouraged to grab a copy of that interactive map for your sites too. Write to me if you need help with that. The more the merrier.

I also like to link to other, like-minded groups, websites and blogs (look in the sidebar). Again, that has grown so much that the website has a more comprehensive collection, but that doesn't mean that I don't want more. Send links, by all means!

I am equally eager to report on what happened at live events. Send your reports to me (address at the bottom of the page) and I'll post a report and include a link to your site. I love photos of events and rituals too; send them along. The one thing that is likely to dampen my interest is a policy of "only members of X organization are welcome". That isn't in the spirit of community building and so groups with that policy are less likely to get coverage here. Other than that, everyone is welcome.

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